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The headline reads, "Stephen Hawking: God didn't create the universe."

First of all, is this really news?  Is this a stunning revelation to anyone with an IQ over 50?  What's next?  Is tomorrow's headline going to tell us we can't really rise from the dead?  Be still my heart!  The Bible isn't factual?  Say it ain't so!  The Gospels of the New Testament were stories created 60-125 years after Jesus died by people who weren't there and never met the guy?  Blasphemy!

We will believe what we wish to believe despite knowing better, and we won't let the facts get in the way.  We will believe what we wish to believe because it provides great comfort to those of us who cannot bear the thought of dying.  To this end, the suspension of disbelief serves a self-soothing purpose -- it help us sleep at night; kind of like an infant sucking on a pacifier.  Of course, there's no multi-trillion dollar industry built around worshiping the pacifier, and different pacifier users don't kill each other because they think their pacifier is the only right pacifier, and no one wrote a novel about how the pacifier provides eternal life.  But, hey, other than those minor differences it's pretty much the same thing.

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